HIV and how cannabis affects

HIV and cannabis effect

HIV. Using medical cannabis has a positive influence on the body’s immune system

Many people with HIV/AIDS use medical cannabis to combat wasting and other symptoms (See Anorexia Nervosa) and there are indications that cannabis use and a dietary supplement of hemp seeds have a positive influence on the body’s immune system. Medical cannabis use for AIDS patients is proven to be beneficial, is extremely cost-effective, and offers an

alternative for patients in third-world countries who simply cannot afford expensive AIDS medicines. The supply of AIDS medication is big business. The pharmaceutical industry recently sued the South African government for breaking international patent laws. South Africa had tried to provide their desperately ill citizens with affordable copies of expensive AIDS medicines in a purely humanitarian act. The pharmaceutical companies indicated to the South Africans that they would be interested in helping them with the growing epidemic, provided it was shown to be financially beneficial.

Case History: Henry J. Sizluski, Jr.

Henry has been living with HIV and herpes for over 24 years now. Previous to his cannabis use he was on pharmaceutical drugs that left him weak and his weight had dropped dramatically. He has relied on medical cannabis to help him deal with a variety of conditions, including the side effects of other medications. Cannabis has allowed him to reduce his dependency on pharmaceutical drugs and he now medicates with cannabis in tincture form, as well as smoking the buds from the plant. Henry has been able to regain the weight he had lost from wasting syndrome and now has a correctly fitting prosthetic leg due to the increase in his body size, making it easier for him to walk again.