Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Your Own Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil Recipe at Home

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Your Own Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil Recipe at Home

I’ve got a little secret to spill. You know, the kind that transforms your humdrum olive oil into a magical elixir? Yep, you’ve guessed it – I’m talking about cannabis-infused olive oil. Now, before you start raising eyebrows, let me tell ya, this ain’t just your run-of-the-mill, slapdash concoction.
Picture this: Your favorite olive oil, but with a sassy little twist that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance. That’s what we’re cooking up today – a batch of homemade cannabis olive oil. Buckle up, my friends, ’cause this ride is gonna be groovy. Stay tuned, and I’ll show you how to whip up this wicked potion in your own kitchen. Trust me, it’s easier than you think!

Selecting Your Ideal Olive Oil

We’re taking the finest olive oil varieties and giving them a cheeky twist. Imagine making cannabis olive oil, right in your own kitchen! Now, I’m not just talking any old oil, but the crème de la crème of oils – extra virgin olive oil.

Guide to Crafting Your Own Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil Recipe.

Step 1: Create a water bath that stays at approximately 180-190°F. To create a water bath, you’ll need a large pot or slow cooker. Fill it with water and use a thermometer to monitor the temperature. Aim to keep it between 180 and 190°F (82-88°C). This provides a consistent temperature for infusing the oil.

Step 2: Decarb your cannabis flower. If you haven’t already decarboxylated your cannabis flower, you can use your traditional oven or Instant Pot decarboxylation method. This process activates the cannabinoids in the cannabis. Refer to your chosen decarboxylation tutorial for detailed instructions.

Step 3: Add the decarbed flower and olive oil to mason jars. Take the decarbed cannabis flower and distribute it evenly among the mason jars you plan to use. If you intend to use lecithin to enhance absorption, add it to the jars at this stage. Lecithin is an optional but common addition to improve the infusion process.

Step 4: Place the jars into the water bath. Gently lower the mason jars with the cannabis and olive oil into the water bath. Ensure the water level is high enough to cover the contents of the jars. Place a lid on the slow cooker or pot and allow the infusion to proceed for 4 hours. It’s important to maintain the water bath’s temperature within the specified range.

Step 5: Set up a straining station. While the infusion is taking place, prepare a straining station. You can choose various options for this, such as using a paper filter and funnel, cheesecloth, a French press, or a simple coffee filter. The goal is to separate the plant matter from the oil effectively.

Step 6: Strain the oil. After the 4-hour infusion period, carefully remove the mason jars from the water bath and allow them to cool slightly. Then strain the oil by pouring it through your chosen straining method, which will catch the cannabis plant material. You can save the leftover cannabis pulp for use in future recipes, as it may still contain some active compounds.

Step 7: Return the prepared oil to a storage container. Pour the strained, infused olive oil into a jar or container of your choice. Mason jars are a popular choice for storing cannabis-infused oil. Seal the container to keep the oil fresh.

Step 8: Store the oil. Store the cannabis-infused olive oil in a cool, dry place. It will have a longer shelf life if kept in the refrigerator and even longer if stored in the freezer. Proper storage helps maintain the potency and quality of your infused oil. Following these steps will help you create your own cannabis-infused olive oil using the water bath method. Please note that working with cannabis and cannabis-infused products should be done in compliance with local laws and regulations.

The Perks of Whipping up Cannabis Cooking Oil

First off, this ain’t your run-of-the-mill cooking oil. This is an elixir of the highest quality, a secret weapon in your culinary arsenal. It’s got all the benefits of your regular olive oil, but with a twist that’ll make your dishes sing!
And get this – the recipe? It’s as straightforward as they come. I found this killer recipe from Kitchen Toke, and let me tell you, it was a revelation. No fancy equipment, no confusing steps, just a simple, straightforward recipe from Kitchen Toke that anyone can follow.

The Ultimate Showdown: Cannaoil vs. Cannabutter

Cannaoil or cannabutter – which one wins the trophy? Well, if you ask me, it’s all about the vibe you’re going for. For a kick of potency with less fuss, cannaoil is your guy. But hey, if you’re all about that creamy, buttery goodness, then cannabutter might just be your jam.


In the grand scheme of culinary adventures, cannabis-infused olive oil is a game-changer. Whether it’s dressings, dips, or dishes, the possibilities are endless. Remember, quality matters, so opt for pure, extra virgin olive oil. Store your weed olive properly and it’ll last you a good while. Happy cooking!