Advantages and disadvantages of growing cannabis seeds by clones.

growing cannabis seeds by clones.

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Obviously, clones are not the best option available for breeders to pass on their work. Also finding a good clone mother plant does not revolve so much around breeding techniques as it does just having good growing experience and an eye for spotting worthy plants in large populations, i.e., sizeable selections to choose from. The other option breeders have for making their work available is through seeds. This is a much more feasible process for getting the product to the consumer undamaged and in good condition. Because of these factors, seeds have become the standard method of shipping cannabis genetics around the world. Top breeders and Cannabis Cup winners like Paradise Seeds use large populations for that all-important mother plant

What are the pros and cons of these propagation sources? Let’s look at a few important differences between clones and seeds.


  1. Growers must know how to clone to generate more plants from this strain. Most new growers do not know how to clone.
  2. Non-hybrid seeds of the clone cannot be made from a female clone without obtaining a male clone of the same strain.1 A hybrid can be created by finding any male donor.
  3. Clones do not have any diversity. If the clone is from a great mother plant then the clones will also be great female plants. This follows through with our next point.
  4. Clones will always carry the same traits through continued cuttings from the original clone.
  5. Clones require little to no breeding procedures to replicate the mother plant’s characteristics. If you find a good mother plant, all you need to do is take cuttings from her.
  6. Clones can be easily stolen from a breeder and labeled as someone else’s produce.
  7. If a disease kills a single clone in a grow room, then all the other clones will probably fail too. Clones share the same flaws.
    Exceptions to the above statements can occur if a clone suffers some form of mutation. Mutations will be discussed in detail further in this text.


  1. Growers do not need to know how to clone to generate more plants.
  2. Non-hybrid seeds can be made by breeding male and female plants of the same strain during flowering although—
  3. Seeds will have variations, losing some traits and gaining some new ones, unless they are proper breeding.
  4. Seeds require a lot of work if you want the strain to have little or no variations in their offspring.
  5. Seeds can be bred in such a way that it is hard to reproduce the mother plant that the seeds came from. This makes the work harder to steal.
  6. Most seeds do contain some variations and some might be able to deal with cultivation problems better than others.


These points will give you an idea as a breeder and a consumer of what the market is like and what people prefer. As a breeder, you should not be interested too much in the clone business except for more immediate and viable avenues. You will probably want as many people to get your strain as possible. This means you should go the seed route.