Marathon OG Strain: Comprehensive Review

Marathon OG Strain: Comprehensive Review

This strain, also lovingly known as Marathon Kush, is not just another creation; it’s an ode, a tribute, a legacy left behind by the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. The way strains are getting created these days, you’d think they’re being crafted by divine hands. And perhaps they are, for Marathon OG certainly feels heavenly.
With its potent lineage tracing back to OG Kush, Marathon Kush is a marathon runner in the world of cannabis – steady, powerful, and unforgettable. It’s a symphony of earthy and lemony flavors, an intoxicating melody that lingers long after the last note has been played.

Also Known As Marathon Kush

The aroma of Marathon Kush is something you won’t forget easily. It’s a beautiful blend of earthy pine and sweet citrus that fills up the room, making your senses tingle in anticipation. But it’s not just about the fragrance; the flavor is equally intriguing. Each puff brings forth a rich mix of herbal notes, underlined by a subtle hint of lemon zest.

What truly sets Marathon Kush apart, though, is its effects. It starts slow, like a marathon runner pacing themselves for the long haul. But don’t be fooled – this is a potent strain. The high builds gradually, enveloping you in a warm, euphoric embrace that lasts for hours. It’s perfect for those days when you need to unwind and let go of your worries.

The Beneficial Effects of Marathon OG Strain

This strain, meticulously crafted by The Cure Company, is an extraordinary blend of relaxation and inspiration, a true testament to its namesake’s legacy.

Marathon OG Strain Genetics

My encounter with the Marathon OG strain, also affectionately known as Marathon Kush, was nothing short of an epiphany. This Indica dominant hybrid strain is a proud phenotype of the potent OG Kush strain, carrying a robust THC level of around 20%. The genetics of this strain are as intriguing as its story. This strain was carefully bred for rapper Nipsey Hussle, a testament to his legacy that echoes in every leaf and bud. Delving deeper into its lineage, I discovered that it was created in Los Angeles, a top-shelf collaboration between the late Nipsey Hussle and breeders at The Cure Company.

Flowering Time

The flowering time of this unique strain is around 8-9 weeks, which is fairly typical for engineered strains.

Marathon OG Terpenes

The unique terpene profile of Marathon OG adds to its allure. With a high THC content Marathon style, this strain offers a potent punch that’s complemented by its Indica-heavy structure to power through your day. It’s fascinating to see how these new strains are getting created, each carrying a story and legacy like the one behind the Marathon OG strain.


In conclusion, the Marathon OG strain, often referred to as Marathon Kush, is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid that stands out due to its high THC content of 20-25%. It’s a unique cultivar hand-picked for its robust terpene profile that offers a mix of earthy, lemony spice with a musky, gassy resolve. The strain is known for producing a strong euphoric feeling, making it better suited for evening use or relaxation. Its taste and odor combine lemon with seasoning and earthy undertones, offering a unique sensory experience. Marathon OG is not just a strain, but a tribute to the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, embodying a legacy that resonates with every puff.