Other ways of using cannabis for medical purposes

Cannabis cream

Cannabis Cream for Topical Application

Cannabis cream is recommended to help with arthritis and has also been successful for some psoriasis sufferers. To convert cannabis oil into a cream, melt cocoa butter or beeswax and mix thoroughly with the oil. Add 50 milliliters of oil to 100 grams of cocoa butter or beeswax.
Cannabis oil can also be applied directly to the skin without making a cream preparation and this is the recommended method for treating skin cancer, burns, and warts.

A few words about the intravenous use of cannabis (history)

In 1968 Henderson and Pugsley first described the syndrome of emesis, myalgia, and hypotension following the IV injection of broth derived from boiled cannabis that was then strained through cotton cloth. The syndrome has at least 25 known cases in the English language literature, all before 1983. Symptoms include myalgia, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and weakness. In at least seven cases, cotton was used to strain the broth before injecting. It is noteworthy that “cotton fever” has been reported following the IV use of heroin reclaimed from previously used cotton filters and also consists of emesis, myalgia, and fever. Thus, it partially resembles the IV marijuana syndrome. All known patients recovered with normal care, with an average hospital stay of 9 days.