S’Mores Marijuana Strain: All You Need to Know

S'Mores Marijuana Strain: All You Need to Know

As I ventured into my latest cannabis journey, I stumbled upon a strain that instantly sparked my curiosity – the S’mores weed strain.
Bred by Virgin Seeds, this slightly Indica-dominant hybrid, a dance of 65% Indica and 35% Sativa, was like a symphony of flavours in my mouth. A curious mix of coffee and tobacco with a hint of sweetness, it was like sipping on a gourmet latte. The dominant terpene, caryophyllene, painted a picture of spicy warmth and woody undertones.
As I savoured each puff, I could sense its potency, with THC levels ranging from 16% to 18% and a touch of CBD at 1%. The high hit me subtly, yet assertively, a gentle nudge at the back of my head.

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Charting the Smores Family Tree

Navigating through the lineage of the S’mores strain, you’ll find intriguing connections. The Pink Panther and Stardawg strains have left their mark here, evident in the distinct Dry Eyes Flavor Pine and the soothing Effect Relaxed Side. Remember to check our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy for more details about how we handle your information.


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The Power of Potency

As a fan of unique strains, the s’mores weed strain blew my mind. Imagine, if you will, a flavour carnival in your mouth – a Happy Flavor, to be precise, that transports you back to those cosy campfire nights with marshmallows and chocolate. The mysterious lineage of Pink Panther and Stardawg adds a particular enigma to it all. The Spicy herbal THC note is like a wild dance on your tongue, a THC Dominant THC experience that transcends the ordinary. This isn’t just about the potency; it’s about the power to transform, to elevate, to inspire.

Savoring Flavors and Scents

The Happy Flavor dances on my tongue, as playful as Pink Panther and as robust as Stardawg. The Spicy herbal THC intertwines with a curious sweetness, making my taste buds sing. Alas, the Side Effects Dry eyes are a small price to pay for this symphony of sensations.

Cultivating Insights

The journey of nurturing the Smores or S’morez strain is as enchanting as its experience. A cross between Pink Panther, it exudes an aura of mystique. Each seed nurtured unfolds a tale of patience and passion. The whispers of growth echo in its leaves, and the scent of potential lingers in the air. This isn’t just about growing a plant; it’s about cultivating a companion that offers tranquillity in every puff.


After a comprehensive exploration of the S’mores Marijuana Strain, it’s clear that this unique blend offers an intriguing balance of effects and flavours. With its roots tracing back to the Pink Panther and Stardawg strains, S’mores boasts a slightly indica-dominant hybrid profile. It’s not just its lineage that attracts users but also its distinctive flavour profiles – a mix of coffee, tobacco, sweet, and creamy chocolatey notes. The strain is known for its potent effects, leaving users feeling relaxed and sleepy. Despite the variance in its genetic cross, whether with Original Glue, Gelato, or Sunset Sherbet, the S’mores strain consistently delivers a unique cannabis experience.