The Space Monkey Marijuana Strain

The Space Monkey Marijuana Strain

It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid, a wild blend of Gorilla Glue and Wookie #15, that’ll take you to another galaxy with just a puff or two. This stuff is dank, spicy, and sour, a rollercoaster ride for your olfactory senses, ya dig? And the taste? Oh, man! Imagine floral notes with a grassy, earthy twist. It’s a groovy trip, for sure! And if you’re wondering about the high, well, it’s got THC levels reaching a whopping 23%, so buckle up, baby! You’re in for a stellar journey with Space Monkey.

Taste Profile of Space Monkey Strain

This ganja ain’t no joke; it’s spicy and funky, with an aroma that hits your senses like a rocket launch. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find lavender, citrus, and grape notes, a mix that’ll water your mouth like a waterfall.

The Therapeutic Benefits of the Space Monkey Strain

Yo, have you ever heard about the therapeutic magic of the Space Monkey strain? This cosmic bud, a brainchild of Bodhi Seeds, ain’t just for kicks; it’s a chill pill, too! It’s got this euphoric vibe that melts away stress like butter on a hot skillet. It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid, but don’t be fooled; it has that sativa buzz to it that’ll make you feel lighter than air.

Bodhi Seeds’ Unique Cannabis Creations

This ain’t your average greenery, no siree! This breed is a cosmic journey waiting to be embarked on. Space Monkey is a testament to the genius of Bodhi Seeds, a brand known for their top-notch organic breeding. Each puff sends you an interstellar adventure with vibrant and expansive sensations like the cosmos.

The Lowdown on the Breeders

It’s a masterful blend of Gorilla Glue and Wookie #15, crafted by breeders who genuinely know their stuff. So, props to them for bringing us this interstellar journey wrapped in a nugget!
Now, if you’re looking for more deets, hit up AllBud. They’ve got the 411 on this Indica-dominant hybrid, everything from its parent strains (shout out to Gorilla Glue #4 and Wookie #15) to its effects. And if you’re hunting for discount deals or nearby dispensaries carrying this stellar strain, they’ve got you covered, too. So, what are you waiting for?


Space Monkey is an impressive strain of marijuana that’s Indica-dominant, a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Wookie #15. It offers a unique blend of flavors, with notes of lavender, citrus, and grape, and it’s characterized by its dense buds. The THC levels range from 16% to 23%, making it a potent choice. Space Monkey’s critical terpenes add to its earthy and floral tastes, making it a favorite among tokers in Colorado and beyond. It’s a creation from Cresco Labs, demonstrating their continued commitment to developing intriguing and robust strains for cannabis enthusiasts.