What is cannabis cultivation?

What is cannabis cultivation for yourself?

Some strains that have taken the market by the storm have not been planned for the market. A breeder may create a song ‘on the fly’ and suddenly find that people like it and want to buy it. This type of breeding is hit or miss, and you may have to develop twenty or more strains before one is discovered to be very suitable for a market area.

What is the basic concept of cannabis cultivation?

Cannabis strains are, quite simply, recombinations of each other’s genetic material. Every cannabis strain is a recombination of cannabis genetic material. Still, pure species types, i.e., Pure Indica, Pure Sativa, and Pure Ruderalis, are a recombination of genetic material from that pure species type without influence from another species. That is what makes them pure lines.

Specific types of cannabis

All the genes for every cannabis strain stem from the pure species type gene pools.

The pure species types are the building blocks behind the mostly-type strains, i.e., Mostly Indica, Mostly Sativa, and Mostly Ruderalis. Without the pure species types, we would not have the most songs. The following article will help to explain this further as well.