How to start selling clones and cannabis seeds?

What the cannabis market looks like?

The market revolves around advertising, and advertising is only really recognized through reputable seed resellers and reputable growing organizations. The people you choose to sell your seeds for you are very important. If they have a bad reputation then they will not be able to sell your work. Seed resellers do not generally breed their seeds. They simply act as a point of sale for getting your seed products to the consumer. Seed resellers are also known as seed banks. They are the very same people from whom growers buy their seed stock.

Direct sales from yourself

Some breeders decide to sell their products without the aid of a seed bank. They do this by setting up a point of sale on the internet or by using a P.O. box address. Most of their advertising is done by word of mouth. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Seed Resellers (Seed Banks)

  1. Give a percentage based on sales figures.
  2. Require testing of your product before they sell it.
  3. Set a fixed price.
  4. Sometimes require that you share the product rights with them to prevent you from selling your work elsewhere.
  5. Do the advertising for you and promote your work.
  6. Act as a point of contact between you and the client, keeping your identity closely guarded.


  1. You always receive 100% of the money from sales.
  2. You do not need to have people test your product before you can sell it.
  3. You choose the price.
  4. You retain the exclusive rights to your work.
  5. You do the advertising.
  6. Your identity may be hard to keep undisclosed.

Give customers a try to grow your cannabis seed

As you can see each method has some good points and some bad points. These pros and cons also depend on the type of seed bank or breeder involved. Most breeders start in the game by giving their seeds away to growers for free before starting to sell their stock. This helps them generate some feedback and also helps them to understand more about consumers and what they like.
Many message board Websites on the internet with large memberships offer these testing services for free. You should try them out if you are interested in getting into the game.