More Sales Tips for a cannabis breeder

Take part in the cannabis cup

Your marketing campaign will be aimed at letting people know about you and your strains. You may have to enter cannabis cup competitions and even hand a large number of your seeds out for free before you generate any real interest.

Tips for reselling cannabis seeds

If you choose to go the resale route, here are some things that you should know about seed banks before you contact them.
• With a seed bank there is only one knowledgeable person who deals with seed sales—the owner. You should only contact the owner with any queries about selling your seeds. Never deal with anyone else.
• The owner will always use another breeder to test your seeds. You may even be asked to test another breeder’s seeds yourself for the owner if you build up a reputation with the seed bank. Remember that the other breeder who will be testing your strain is someone who is respected by the seed bank for his breeding and growing skills.
• Always buy from the seed bank before you ask if you can sell your seeds to them. Buying more than once from them establishes a relationship with the seed bank. It teaches you how they treat their clients and how they ship your seeds. You can also grow out the seeds and check to see if their seeds meet your standards or if yours meet theirs.

More Sales Tips for a cannabis breeder

• Be aware that when you sell your stock to a seed bank it can take anywhere to a year before the seed bank publishes your strain in its catalogs. This is because seed banks will require testing and evaluation of your produce. You may end up spending a lot of money on developing and sending them seeds.
• The seed bank may ask for exclusive rights and the right to sell your product abroad. The seed bank may ask to simply buy the strain from you outright. They will then breed it under their own name. Or they may just wish to buy the rights for their sales regions, leaving other regions free for you to sell to.
• The big names in the seed bank business never fail. They are only getting bigger. Remember though that your strain may disappear among the vastness of their catalogs.
• You may have to sign a very real contract.

For many, cannabis cultivation is a hobby

Apart from the commercial aspect, you should be breeding cannabis for yourself and your friends. Most breeders are happy to do this as a hobby and not for profit.